Creating Abstract Art

Five-star rated, Creating Abstract Art is the “Real Deal!”
The forty exercises here shed light on approaches for almost anyone at any level of experience. They work for seasoned artists as well as someone completely new to art. This is not a how-to book it is a guide to opening up and experiencing life with the eyes of artist. I use Dean's first book, Art from Intuition, in many of the painting and drawing classes I teach, and I have observed the transformational power that this kind of art making can have. (Amazon reader review)

Art From Intuition

In his book, Art From Intuition, Dean Nimmer draws on his 38 years as a dynamic and skilled art educator to offer new paths to overcome barriers and be fully engaged in the process of making art. With over 60 innovative exercises – painting blindfolded, drawing moving figures, composing with candle smoke – this book motivates the reader to step beyond traditional techniques to find their own original artistic voice.

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